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What is VIG?

VIG means Vacuum Insulation Glass and is an innovative glazing concept where the air gap between the glass panes will be evacuated. This efficiently reduces the thermal heat transport of the filling gas and allows excellent thermal insulation values.

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Schematischer Aufbau von VIG

What are the advantages of VIG?

With two glass panes, VIG allows thermal insulation values that otherwise are achievable only by triple glazing or special setups. In addition, VIG is lighter (two instead of three glass panes) and thinner (9 mm instead of 36 mm and more) than conventional triple glazing.

Can I buy VIG?

In some countries, like Japan and China, VIG is commercially available. However, all these products use a solder glass edge seal that leaves some of the potential of VIG unused.

A German VIG with a new edge seal concept is in development. This new flexible edge seal uses the potential of VIG much better.

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